Saturday, September 25, 2010

On our President

I disagree with President Obama on pretty much everything he's saying and doing.  I'm disappointed in my country for believing in what, to me, was a clear sham of a politician.

But I want to take a moment and point out something. President Obama is a man. A human. He's got a family that loves him. He has a mom and a dad just like you. You may completely disagree with EVERYTHING that he says and does (like yours truly) but try and remember that he's human just like you.  Treat him with dignity.  Not to say you can't enjoy the egg which is, apparently, permanently plastered on his face, but really, he's just a man.  And he is our President at that.

Then remember all the love that Bush received from his detractors and take comfort in knowing that we, on the right; the supposedly evil, greedy, rich, unfeeling, assholes are...

Just better people than those on the left.

I can see November from my window!

Beaker always gets it...

Monday, September 20, 2010


Every day, I still look for Chloe's pills.  Her schedule was 8:30, morning and night.  Funny how the habit stills holds strong.

I cleaned out all her pills, medicine containers, etc and found all these little plastic spoons.

Had to laugh because she would only take her pills when I teased her with food a spoonful at a time.

I think it's way easier dealing with Chloe's loss than some previous dogs.  It still hurts pretty bad but it ended so well.  I was dreading having to make the decision to put her to sleep.  Her going peacefully in her sleep the morning of the day that I had her scheduled to meet the vet at our house?  It's like she wanted to spare me the pain.

She was a great dog.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mr. President

You should be ashamed of yourself

Saw the news today that President Obama used his radio address to talk about Jobs His Lazer Focus On Jobs America reaching 1960's poverty levels Lowering taxes Reducing the size of the Federal Government Closing Guantanamo advertisements that might be run against democrats.

I'm no teleprompter but I think I can roughly recall some of what he said:

When you hear ads against democrats ask yourself who is funding these ads.  Is it big oil?  Is it the healthcare industry?  Is it some other shady entity?  Americans deserve to make a fair choice this November.

Mr. President, you are a hypocrite.  And a dangerous one at that. 

This man has no shame and will stretch the truth as far as he can.  He likely believes that he's doing the right thing (in spite of my overt disdain for Obama, I still must respect the office of the President) but it's disturbing to see this.  He HAS to know what he's doing.

Sometimes I fear for my country.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Of bleach, and a garage door...

Quickly, thanks to everyone for your kind words on Chloe. It's okay, she was almost 16 years old. She'll be missed but I had several years to love her and make her feel special. Thank you all.

So I'm smitten. Been walking around in a fog for a while telling anyone who'd listen (and some that didn't really want to listen, take for instance the file clerk at Macy's who got to hear my mewling love smitten blather, she would've thrown something at me if her manager hadn't walked in and interrupted...). Life is pretty good. I'm happy, one cute little old muppet short but it's alright.

And the Sweet Girl wants me to be neater. Anyone who knows me know that neatness and organization don't really get along all that well in Stew-land. Or at least that's been my historical modus operandi. The Sweet Girl has cured me though.

Amazingly enough I'm actually getting organized. The garage was becoming a great big cluttered mess. And I kept thinking about just cleaning it up. So last weekend, I did. Pulled everything out, tossed the old stuff, gave away some stuff that I didn't need anymore and painted the floor. It's really really nice now. And this is so unlike me that it's sometimes scary walking into the garage.

The rest of the house is spotless (of course) and now there's nothing holding me back from simply maintaining the clean. Gotta say, it feels really good.

The amazing thing is that this is really due to the Sweet Girl. She inspired me. And because I know that she likes the clean, neat, organization, it's really enjoyable for me too.

This is so weird.