Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Been a while

Hi again, dear old friend

I sure did enjoy typing stuff on this blog.  Enjoyed learning and doing the one thing that I dreamed of someday pursuing, writing.

But life gets in the way and the next thing you know you're an old bastard and although you're a pretty happy guy, you realize that there's just a whole different set of priorities that come with really growing as a person and a family.

But I still thought about coming back periodically and putting my thoughts on this wonderful, fun and sometimes elucidating thing called a blog.

Well, I am one hell of a happy guy.  Found a wonderful (and really, wonderful) girl, have two little doggies and business is going well (in spite of the prevailing crap economy lol).

I did a little traveling this last year and I want to put some of the trip up.  Why not put it up here?

Sweet P at O'Hare ready to board, first leg to Japan

We flew Japan Airlines and it was simply the best flight I've ever been on.  Super polite, extra comfortable seats, we drank like fish and they didn't care!  Great flight, I highly recommend it.

Me in my underwear at 4am talking to the guys at the office.  She couldn't resist.

We visited Mt Fuji

You'd think I could figure out how to rotate this.  But apparently not...

This was the last pic because it was, I kid you not, 28 degrees and there was a 40MPH wind.  The cold was unreal.  Literally took your breath away.  I ran back to the warmth of the store thing after this.  Yes I am a wimp.