Saturday, November 23, 2019

Hello Dollies!

Diabeetus Alert

My Mother, if that is her real name, makes delicious tasty morsels of pure ecstasy commonly known as Hello Dollies.
Not shown actual size
These delicious little creations are routinely bequeathed to me and my siblings on special occasions such as Thanksgiving, birthdays and Christmas.

To say that the Hello Dollie is delicious is like comparing Dr. Ruth to Jessica Alba.  They are, in a word, heavenly.  Some kind of graham, buttery crust on the bottom, with chocolate and then this indescribable buttery sweet caramelized layer topped with coconut.  Oh and interspersed with chocolate kisses or some kind of chocolaty nugget things.  It just makes me want to cry not having one right now.

Lots has changed.  But there are STILL no flying cars.  Dammit.  Regardless, I have some help for JP finally so I decided to do a little housekeeping and visit my old friend.  Might write a little again.  Who knows.