Thursday, September 5, 2013

Problems with Cloud Services?

Intermedia didn't think so, before they went down...

For over half a day, from 4.30am to around 6.30pm on Tuesday, the third largest Cloud Service provider was down.

The problem was so bad that you couldn't even call them.  Calls to the tech support line resulted in fast busy or a "Your call could not be completed" RVA message.

Intermedia blamed the problem on "an update" to their core routers.  They said that the update propagated down to all the connected routers and just took their entire network down.  MILLIONS of users were affected.

I'd like to offer an alternative to the identified problem; Hubris.

The folks at Intermedia, while mostly nice and fairly knowledgeable, are in utter denial when problems are presented.  I know this first hand.  When reporting problems to sales or management, the incredulous denial is simply infuriating.

If Cloud Service providers don't learn to listen and drop their pride, this is going to become a trend.  Without exception every Cloud Service provider is currently suffering from a case of "our sh*t don't stink."