Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunday Wind Down

This is the smaller of the two fiber reels
Busy lately.  Big job that is wrapping up and lots of lessons learned.  I've been incredibly busy, blessed, loved by my girl and it never ceases to amaze me this journey we call life.  So much changed in such a short period of time after the divorce, I thank God every day for the wonderful girl that he brought into my life.

Gratuitous Stew-butt shot...
The big job was pretty stressful.  And the amount of return for the work expended is completely disproportionate, but I'll end up on the winning side nonetheless.  If nothing else, the lessons that I learned are worth it.  Many years ago I was visiting with a friend who asked me to accompany him to a landscape job in progress.  While there, the owner of the house being landscaped started in with the requisite 20 questions.  He made some statement about VGA resolution (it was a LONG time ago) and he was wrong.  I knew he was wrong but I doubted myself and didn't say anything.  Which, actually, may have been for the best as sometimes it's better to simply keep your mouth shut even if you know you're correct.  But the point is to have confidence in yourself.  Repeating that error is disastrous in this economy.  It's not always the best thing to keep the business if it costs you more than it's worth.
Perspective of large reel

I took a couple of photos of our fiber spools coming off the job.  It was a HUGE relief to see this task completed.

I asked my Sweet Girl to go with me to provide common sense and assistance.  To say that I needed her assistance on this task is a phenomenal understatement.  There is pretty much no way that this could've been completed in a day without her assistance.

When we were in the middle of rolling the second reel on the trailer, I thought the job was licked.  We had the confidence of doing the prior reel and even though this second reel was heavier, it seemed that it was going to go easily.  And it actually was going pretty well.  Until the reel rolled off the trailer.  Serves me right for not securing the load immediately...  But we got it done.  Without arguing, harsh words or drama.  Quite a departure from my previous life.  I love my girl.

I have an opportunity to bid on an even larger job in the near future.  We will see what happens...

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