Saturday, April 2, 2011


White guys are screwed.  We get chubby, pale, surprisingly hairy in spots and develop freckles in the damnedest places...

I managed to consume my body weight in Thanksgiving turkey last year and had some time to reminisce on the evil, diabolical scheme that somebody, years ago (who probably had designs on opening a fitness chain) decided to have Thanksgiving and Christmas a month apart.  Just enough time for you to completely lose the ability to diet and exercise and gain weight like a sumo.

So I've become rather corpulent.  Time, yet again, to go on a diet.  Dammit.

I'll be posting my weight on a daily basis.  Which will be a pain, but I think it'll help motivate me to get re-svelte.

In other news, there is no other news.  Sweet Girl and I are happy and that lil' bastid is in love with his duck.  I'll post a photo of him and his duck lovers later.


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