Saturday, September 25, 2010

On our President

I disagree with President Obama on pretty much everything he's saying and doing.  I'm disappointed in my country for believing in what, to me, was a clear sham of a politician.

But I want to take a moment and point out something. President Obama is a man. A human. He's got a family that loves him. He has a mom and a dad just like you. You may completely disagree with EVERYTHING that he says and does (like yours truly) but try and remember that he's human just like you.  Treat him with dignity.  Not to say you can't enjoy the egg which is, apparently, permanently plastered on his face, but really, he's just a man.  And he is our President at that.

Then remember all the love that Bush received from his detractors and take comfort in knowing that we, on the right; the supposedly evil, greedy, rich, unfeeling, assholes are...

Just better people than those on the left.

I can see November from my window!

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