Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mr. President

You should be ashamed of yourself

Saw the news today that President Obama used his radio address to talk about Jobs His Lazer Focus On Jobs America reaching 1960's poverty levels Lowering taxes Reducing the size of the Federal Government Closing Guantanamo advertisements that might be run against democrats.

I'm no teleprompter but I think I can roughly recall some of what he said:

When you hear ads against democrats ask yourself who is funding these ads.  Is it big oil?  Is it the healthcare industry?  Is it some other shady entity?  Americans deserve to make a fair choice this November.

Mr. President, you are a hypocrite.  And a dangerous one at that. 

This man has no shame and will stretch the truth as far as he can.  He likely believes that he's doing the right thing (in spite of my overt disdain for Obama, I still must respect the office of the President) but it's disturbing to see this.  He HAS to know what he's doing.

Sometimes I fear for my country.

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  1. Rejected post of the day:
    "you may think you are the smartest man around but after reading this post I think you are totally ignorant of what has happened in this capitalist system. When 2percent of the people own 95 percent of the wealth revolution is in the realm of possibility. You should have been born in Haiti. "

    So, you didn't actually read the post very well Mr. There. See all those little linky things? They take you to other places on the interwebs. While I realize that my explanation will likely do about as much good as your mental masterbatury dribbling, it is some degree of fun to know that you care enough to be a troll.

    Yay troll. Now go away.


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