Sunday, June 6, 2010

Photos of me and Chloe Nekkid have been redacted...

I had to give Miss Piggy a bath today.  She was starting to smell like my feet after a long hike (in a completely unrelated note, I hiked up Stoned Mountain today with my Sweet Girl.  And I was wearing a 30lb backpack.  Going up was no problem but it started getting really uncomfortable on the way down.  Perhaps I should start wearing something other than flip flops...).  Bathing her in the shower stall (it's easier to just get in with them when it's bath time) (Chloe not the Sweet Girl) (well, actually...)  I got a chance to look at her old, freckled, sparsely hair covered, lumpy body.  She really has aged a lot in a short period of time.  Very sad.  Anyway, I decided to give that little bastard a bath at the same time.  So we ended up with two, soggy, furkids needing attention.  I dig it that they love each other.

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