Saturday, February 25, 2012

Memeface to the rescue

So this morning I'm enjoying breffast out.  Nothing like getting a tasty treat with bacon piled high to start off the weekend frivolity.

Princess Sweet P didn't want to brave the arctic blast so I'm getting a togo order.  Which means I have time to cool my heels and enjoy KFI.

"Gem of the day.  Guy is walking across the street in an apparent attempt to ingratiate himself to plumbers everywhere.  By this I mean that he's dropped his trousers to knee level or thereabouts.  Cops see guy shuffling along and note that his shuffle is rather, extreme shall we say.  They stop to say hi and then proceed to discover...

... the 13" TV he stuffed into his britches."

I only wish I could make this stuff up.  I actually had to call Paulina and interrupt her Princess-ey slumber to tell her about this.  We're both cracking up envisioning this and it occurs to me that I can probably use memeface to better illustrate this rather than pictures of stuff that I happen to find.  So from now on, when/if I update this blog, I'll be including the appropriate memeface.

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