Thursday, November 24, 2011

Firefox, why hast though forsaken me?

I'm a convert.  No more Windows.  I quit.  Cold turkey.  I now am surrounded with computers, tablets and handheld devices emblazoned by symbols of fruit.

Well, fruity computers and the carcasses of former Ready for Windows(tm) computers running some version of Linux.

But every one of them has Firefox loaded.  Pretty much anything these days can be accomplished by logging into a program via browser anyway.  So my choice is usually Firefox.

But lately, Firefox has experienced numerous problems.  Crashing, XOrg pegged at 100% plus and now this.

So it's off to Chrome for Mr. Magoo.

Google is simply amazing.  I'd estimate that with the sun setting on the Windows empire, there are good things in store for the consumer in the future.

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