Friday, April 9, 2010

Obama and the Nuclear Treaty Issues

So our President wants to reduce the number of Nukes we have and pledges not to use nuclear weapons against any country which also doesn't have nuclear weapons.  Interesting in a crazy sort of way.  Perhaps he's forgotten completely about detente.  Or maybe there is some other way to apply a special secret mixture of Hope and Change that will bring about whirled peas that we, the Hoi Polloi, simply aren't aware of yet.

Regardless, I wouldn't particularly worry all that much.  I mean it's not like that man has told the truth about ANYTHING so far.  Reference the healthcare bill.  It's "reducing costs", "expanding coverage", "making healthcare fair".  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  Not to mention the "healthcare" bill now provides Student Loans.  Which makes perfect sense as healthcare and student loans are practically the same thing.  Sure.

I took the liberty of running some of Obama's statements through the Get Stewed Sciencemonger's new Translat-O-Ramabama machine (made especially to translate Obama into actual truthful statements).

He's saying that we are going to reduce the number of nuclear weapons. 

Translation, he's privy to a special physics principal which allows puppy breath to be converted into a specialized gas which will kill Russians and anyone named Putin.

He's saying that we won't use Nuclear weapons against any country.

Translation, we will kill you (unless you are a Teletubby).

I grow weary of typing.  The sweet girl wants pineapple.

Stew out~

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