Saturday, March 13, 2010

More posting

Just when you thought you were safe...

Been so busy that I haven't really had a chance to post.  New businesses getting started, growing my existing business, it's really been crazy.  I'm very very happy and enjoying life in spite of the efforts of those that would derail me.  I pray every night that certain people find peace and happiness.  I forgive those that need to be forgiven (and I forgive myself).  When I say I'm really happy I'm really REALLY happy.  I had gained a little weight back.  Perhaps it's a side effect of being happy.  Regardless, I must lose weight lest I become a fat fat fattie.

So, exercise.  And eating better.  Again.

I'm now 190lbs.  That's in a week of dieting, and I'm down from just under 200.  I'm going to chronicle it this time.  Think a goal will help me reach it sooner.  I'd like to hit 170.  I'd give it two months.

In June I'm going to Oregon to climb Mt. Hood.  So I have (HAVE) to be in shape for that.  Weight keeps vacillating slightly between +1 and -3.  As long as the trend is down I think I'm doing good.

Chloe update
Chloe is not doing as well as I'd hoped at this stage of her life.  She's really become hard of hearing and is not seeing nearly as well as she should.  Basically she's deaf and blind at this point.  Its really hard to watch her as she sort of comes unglued.  But it's inevitable.  She's just a sweet old girl.  Pictures of the sweet big old muppet bear are interspersed.

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