Sunday, February 21, 2010

Democrats attempting to pass Cap and Trade legislation this week

So much for the Presidential pledge to make jobs the focal point.  Cap and Trade kills jobs, this comes not from a random person with an opinion, this comes from a business owner.  The one thing that Cap and Trade WILL definitely accomplish is a great big fat gift to lobbyists.  Other than that, it's unnecessary and will further increase the scope of the Federal Government.  What is unconscionable is the support from spineless "Republican" senator Lindsey Graham.  I'd expect it from the liberal and progressive members of Congress (all they want to do is increase the size and power of government) but not Republicans.

So I sent Mr. Graham a letter.  If you'd like to do the same, email him here.

My email to Lindsey Graham:

Mr. Graham. 
I realize that I'm not in your constituency (being in a neighboring state), however, I feel compelled to contact you.  Your blind support of Cap and Trade is unbelievable.  I'm a 3 person small business, trying desperately to become a 30 person small business.  Your actions are a disgrace to conservative values and will lead to nothing but harm for those already stressed by this poor economy.

Beware the unintended consequences of this bill.  It's a boondoggle and do you really want your legacy connected with this horrible idea?  It's not working well in Europe yet the proven free market DOES work.  Please fight for us, not for more government, more lobbying, less free market.

Take a stand sir, do not support more government programs that will further transfer power to an already too large government.

Stewart Magooert

h/t Right Wing News

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